Things to do after installing CentOS 7 Server – post installation

Things to do after installing CentOS 7 Server - post installation

Post Installation Settings

There are always a few things which need to be set in order to make the best out of a particular thing, and the same applies to centos 7. So, in order to do some post installation things we need to follow the following steps.

Note: Before going next, make sure you have installed your CentOS by following the following post – > CentOS 7 Installation

Step 1: Firewall Settings in CentOS.

There are two ways to manage firewall in CentOS:

  1. firewalld
  2. iptables

We are going to use the second method which is “iptables“.

So, in order to set it, we have to run a few commands, but to run those commands we need to first install the “iptables-services” package with the help of “yum” package manager because it is also a part of post installation settings.

sudo yum install -y -q iptables-services

sudo yum install -y -q iptables-services´╗┐

Step 2: Disable the other firewall controlling service, which is “firewalld“.

sudo systemctl disable firewalld

sudo systemctl disable firewalld

Step 3: Flush any existing firewall rules with the help of “iptables” utility.

flush existing firewall rules in centos 7 using iptables utility

sudo iptables -F

Step 4: Check the active selinux status and disable it, if it is “enabled“.

check selinux status in centos 7 using cat command

cat /etc/sysconfig/selinux | grep -v ^#

check selinux status in centos 7 using sestatus utility

sudo sestatus

edit selinux file on centos 7

sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Step 5: Check “network settings” in CentOS 7 and configure them.

check hostname on centos


check dnsdomainname on centos 7


check ip address in linux

ip a s

set hostname in redhat 7 and centos 7

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname

edit hosts file in linux

cat /etc/hosts

Step 6: Verify all the change as shown below:

check hostname and servername and dnsdomainname in linux

Conclusion “centos 7 post installation”

In this post, we have learned about some crucial as well as some important things one should do after installing centos 7.

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