This Privacy Policy is going to cover things about copyright and other information displayed and used on this website like images and other textual content.

This privacy policy is flexible as per the latest laws approved.

Geekylane’s purpose is to deliver high-quality content. The team behind this site is taking care of every possible thing to keep content on the website clean and to-the-point.

This website as being the only content delivery site with going to take only a few details about the customer to provide them more relatable content to its visitors.


This website is trust-worthy and legal. Information collected from the visitors will be kept private and not be shared with any other person. However, if a visitor has redirected from to any other site on the internet then Geekylane is not responsible anymore.

We will stay concerned and responsible for the issues occurred only on

Geekylane Terms and Policies

  • Terms: The terms of the website are only applicable to the visitors as only they access the website and the content displayed on the site. If in any case, a visitor denies any of our policies mentioned; then, in that case, one can stop using the website or will be prohibited by the administrators of the website.
  • License: After subscribing to Geekylane, a visitor agrees with the terms and conditions of the website and one can view or download the content displayed on the website. There are certain conditions, though.
    • A visitor cannot: modify the content that is downloaded from the Geekylane; use the content elsewhere without the permission; copy the content from this site to any other site or server on the internet.
    • This license will be terminated immediately for the visitor who violates our terms and conditions.
  • The accuracy of content: This website tries to maintain the accuracy of the information provided by the website to its visitors.
  • Links: Links available or attached on and by the Geekylane, are not its responsibility. The information in the external link is not at all, by any means, is in concern with Geekylane.
  • Information Asked: We respect your privacy. Geekylane will only ask for your email-id to deliver more relevant and appropriate content to its visitors. The information is only kept as long as a visitor has subscribed to Geekylane.

This policy is effective as of 22nd September 2018.