How to create a docker container?

Creating your first docker container

Before going further, make sure you have properly installed “docker” on your machine, then we can proceed with create docker container.

After installation, now it is time to create the very first container in order to see the power of docker, moreover to remove the confusion of docker’s new commands and older commands, we are going to see the both.

Create docker container using “docker container run” – new command

Create docker container using "docker container run"

sudo docker container run –i -t –name c1 alpine ash

sudo = for attaining the root level permissions while executing the command.

docker = calling the docker’s cli

container = specifying the context, that we are going to create a container.

run = specifying that we wan to run something in context.

-i = defines that run the container in “interactive mode

-t = allocate “pseudo tty

–name = we can give any name to our container, bu for now we have ginve “c1”

alpine = it is the name of the image from which we want to create a container.

ash = it states that after running the container, drop us into “ash = ashell” which is native to the alpine image.

Now, after creating the container, we need to crosscheck whether our container is running or not and in order to do that, follow the picture below.

So, to list the running containers with new command:

list docker container with docker container ls

sudo docker container ls

Create a docker container using “docker run” – old command

Create docker container using "docker run"

docker run –i -t –name c1 alpine ash

Now, to list the running containers with old command:

list the running containers with docker ps

sudo docker ps

To learn more about docker, follow -> Learn Docker

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